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Have you ever found a disposable camera that old? Answered

While I was taking apart some disposable cameras, I found this "strange looking" camera's circuit, it looks like a old type of camera's circuit, it is probably used in the first disposable cameras. They are no SMD components, a large capacitance capacitor (160uF), three transistors, and a funny looking trigger transformer on the circuit. Have any of you ever found this kind of camera's circuit?



9 years ago

It looks like one of the four (approx) different PCBs I've seen inside "Kodak Max" flash cameras (and the Max is relatively "new" in terms of disposable cameras, so it is surely NOT one of the oldest versions...)

Oh, I thought is must be the oldest version of the disposable camera...

i've seen older, like from the 70's, but it wasn't disposable

In particular, the PCB you show has the "momentary on" button with auto-recharge and auto-off, which first appeared (AFAIK) in the Kodak Max. There were older cameras with a simpler "hold till charged" button or a non-momentary on/off switch that you had to remember to turn off. The Max circuit is very clever... I've got a bunch of Eagle files that include reverse-engineered schematics for 3 different Kodak Max cameras, the (one) Fuji circuit I've seen, one Polaroid circuit, and a couple of the circuits that have appeared on the surplus market, if anyone is interested...

feel free to post a forum topic on that

It's the up-verter for the flash tube. The circuit can stay the same regardless of SMT or through-hole packaging. These components are the easiest to be re-used for experiments.

Yeah, that is one good thing about this old circuit.