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Have you seen the update to your "profile" page? Answered

Click on your profile, and it has a whole lot of new features, and looks great too. I can now see who's favoriting  instructables and change the order of how they appear on the page.


Mine does not look like that. How do I change it?

It will in the future! You need to publish more Instructables!

I have a problem. On this page above but on mine, I only see 1 instructable & the link See all instructables is not there. But If I write myself the next link: https://www.instructables.com/member/SophiesFoodie...

I see all 159 of them. What can I do?

And how do you add so many photo posts on there? I tried it all but can't figure it out at all,...I think that I miss a few buttons?

I'd also like to suggest a way for sorting my Instructables, similar to the old version... https://www.instructables.com/member/Yonatan24/instructables/

Why do I need to know exactly who favorited my Instructables? Also, how do I now know how many people followed me?

The new layout has a multitude of problems. There are no indications of how many followers you have, how many instructables you have posted and no filters to divide content by its type. Patches are worthless now, as they're not visible to the public.

This update truly is nothing but a downgrade.

I so agree here. The people can't see how many instructables I posted, just one they see! :(

The featured posts you don't see well, the public doesn't see them at all!

AGREED! 100%, other than the fact that they still haven't I can see it by hovering over my profile picture when I post a comment...


Now I see it. I can see it by hovering over my profile picture when I post a comment...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don't change this!

I'm now trying to set my "Promoted" Instructables, but EVEN THAT doesn't work properly!

The entire system appears to operate with a certain bit of lagging.

Originally I was going to note the same thing in the thread I made; by the time I was getting ready to publish that thread, the promoted instructables had been captured and put into place as I had laid them out.

I'd also like it if there was an Orangeboard, why would I care that a member has commented something somewhere?

I leave a thank you message on my followers' Orangeboards, and quickly scan through their liked Instructables, to understand a bit more what they liked. I'm not able to do that now...

Looks great? Not hardly. This setup is cluttered, unintuitive and deemphasizes content. Content posted by the user who the profile belongs to is a mere sideshow to activity indications--most of which do not even belong to that user.

This layout has got to be reverted. The previous setup was vastly superior.

My first reaction to the page was incredulous. I could not believe that they would clutter profile pages with such useless things. Then I checked around and found that indeed things were really as they appear.

It doesn't bode well.

I can't post it on your member page because you don't have an Orangeboard, but... Congrats on 2 million views!

Thanks, i havent looked at the views for a long time. I think I used to have an Orange board, I cant seem to find it now though... where is your orange board?

Now I look at it again you also cant see how many instructables you have written without counting them.

WHY would they change it? WHAT was wrong with the old one? Can we choose to revert it to the old one?

I know the staff worked really hard on this, but why do this?

What a second, those promoted items are what I suggested last year. Why did I suggest that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I'm torn- there are some changes I really like, and some things I'm already grieving the loss of.

Maybe one day we will be able to sort comments by date and time too....