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Having a problem with the new look instructables. Answered

OK this might get a little tricky to explain.
At the bottom of the page we now have a grey section that contains a bunch of links/shortcuts or whatever. This is fine. At the top of the grey section is an orange bar with the instructables logo and the new fangled google custom search box and button. My problem is with the orange bar.
On certain of my pages, specifically on my 'you' pages this orange bar appears about 30 or 40mm above the grey section. This varies from page to page, but seems to be worse on the pages containing the comments that have been made as a direct response to things I have written. As I advance through the list page by page, the orange bar gets higher until it covers stuff I am trying to read. This has been happening the whole time the pages have looked this way.

Is this happening to anyone else? Is it just a bug? Is it just me?



Best Answer 8 years ago

 i am going to take a GUESS but i think it has to do with YOUR browser and computer it might also have to do with your internet speed and CPU capability of handling the info but i would do what keseymh says and see if anyone else has the same problem 


Answer 8 years ago

That would normally be my assumption as well.  The thing is, I'bles makes extensive use of both JavaScript and CSS to do their page layout.  Both of those "standards" have widely varying implementations on different browsers (and even the same browser on different platforms!).  It is quite possible that I'bles' programmers have used some Firefox-specific feature somewhere that is not handled properly on whatever browser Caarntedd is using.  That's why they need him to be specific about his platform.


8 years ago

I would call it a bug.  If you are able to create Forum Topics, please create a new bug report.  Please include your browser and version, and your operating system.
Also, could you do some screen/window captures of the process at various stages and attach them?  That might help make the description clearer.

Once you've created a bug report, you should get a reply from StumpChunkman, the Instructables Bug Czar, within a day or two.