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Having trouble adding a gif to my instructables. Answered

I am using Enternet Exployer. I have  read the instructable on how to use the new program and tried every tip to load a gif animation with no success. I can't use the other browsers at this time. I am trying to load a Picasion creation. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


You can test to see if your animated GIF works by opening a new tab in your browser and dragging your file from your desktop to the blank tab. If it doesn't load it's either your browser or the GIF that isn't working.

To put a GIF in an Instructable upload the file as a normal picture file (I suggest a max file width of 600). You should be able to put an animation as a step picture (animation won't work as a thumbnail if used in an intro step). Alternatively, upload then find the URL from your YOU>upload library and embed the image using the HTML source using the <img src="yourGIFfile.GIF">

Thanks Mike. I know the link you add in an email works but when I paste any of the 3 links from picasion into the box they all say I need a new image. I will try what you mention. Maybe I need to change the file width.


Relying on auto resizing usually breaks GIFs. If you like you can PM me the URL of the unpublished project and I can take a look when you've had some time to play around with it a bit more.

Thanks! I loaded it like you would a picture and it does work but . . . not like I had hope for. It is too large. I could not drop it in the larger box. I will send the link, thanks again Mike.