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Having trouble renewing Pro membership Answered

I got a message indicating you were having trouble renewing my subscription. I went to Paypal to update my (expired) credit card, but can't get Paypal's accursed interface to work. (Neither the Debit nor Credit Card selector buttons is active, and I can't find the "payment methods section" they reference in the instructions -- See attached screen shot.) How can I renew my subscription if Paypal won't let me update the credit card payment information?


Please email service@instructables.com

If you go to your "profile", you'll find an option to update your credit card information. Once its updated you can revisit the subscription page.

Thanks, but I tried that one already. Is it possible to change the Paypal account with which my Instructables account is associated?

In case we're misunderstanding each other... I meant your PayPal "Profile" Page. You'll see it as an option in the menu of your screenshot just below 'Products & Services'. On your PayPal Profile page, you'll find an option to edit or add credit cards. After that you should be able to fix the subscription on PayPal. If you're still having problems you can either click the link shown near the top of that screenshot OR email Instructables (address at the bottom of this page).

Thanks again - I knew that you were referring to the PayPal "Profile" page. I will email instructables.