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Hay i need help convinsing my parents to give me back my xbox and pc? Answered

i got my pc and xbox tooken away wal i was makeing a mod i need them back A.S.A.P plz help this mod is importent plus i lost my xbox and pc for staying up all night


I would just wait until you earn it back from them. But people may tell you, take it back and threaten to leave...Don't. Just try to ask them how will you earn it back. Like, for example, if they do tell you to do homework, just do them for x amount of time. Other than that, please stay in their good graces as well as do homework.

If you're an adult, they tend to take stuff away as you behave wrongly, too. But that means rights and all that if you break the more serious rules (aka the law). So don't try to complain when that happens. Learn from it and try to stay in good graces.

Hey man well i recon that maturity is the key i got my xbox banned indefinetly for staying up all night on black ops i didnt get caught but they could tell the next day so if you act mature aroung them and their friends they will give them back to you but not all at once because they want you to show them good graids and maturity before you get them back. So if you were concentrating on your pc at the time of being caught that will be the last to come back and vice versa. This takes a period of time to finish also do a kind thing without being asked to your parents once a day but not more than one because then it will look like your sliming round them to get your pc n xbox back! Good luck. Chris

Step 1) Ask your parents to tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get your privileges back. Step 2) Do the things your parents said in Step 1.

Bingo. Understand what bothers them and fix it.

As the others have said. Parenting is an 18+ year job. As a parent I didn't necessarily do what my daughters liked; I did what I thought was best for them. I tried to make good choices so they wouldn't make poor ones. That seems to be what your parents are doing. Staying up all night is rarely a good choice. Note that if, instead of staying up all night, you had worked on the mod yesterday and today, you would probably have the mod done AND you'd still have the xbox and PC. Now you have neither. Which do you think would have been the better choice?


8 years ago

I would suggest improving your spelling and grammar for starters. Try getting a better grade in English and maybe that will show them something. Clearly the xbox and pc have detracted from your studies. These are not words in the English language.... convinsing tooken wal makeing plz The first word of a sentence is capitalized and it ends with a period.

I agree. From what I see I wouldn't give him his equipment back either.

Get better grades in school. Obviously, you are failing or close to it in English. What a coincidence-now that you don't have an xbox or computer you have lots of time to study! Someone's Dad.