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Haywired: Pointless (Yet Awesome) Projects for the Electronically Inclined Answered

I just received my copy of Haywired: Pointless (Yet Awesome) Projects for the Electronically Inclined, which is a book of 13 electronics projects and techniques including a moving eyeball portrait, a super capacitor car, and wire wrapping and soldering how-tos. I previewed the book a few months ago, and think Haywired has a great mix of projects, and inspires you to learn how electronics, motors, and sensors work by giving you hands-on instructions to actually make them work. It is a great first book for the budding inventor or engineer. (As I state on the back of the book!)

If you do any of these projects, please post an Instructable with your take!

Update: Mike Rigsby has posted an Instructable from the book:
Flashlight Without Batteries.


I used to have a little racer car when I was a kid that charged via a 'gas pump' (with batteries inside). I finally tore it apart and discovered its 'battery was a large capacitor. Haven't thought about that for years until just now reading that front cover above.

That portrait really doesn't do you justice...

The content of the book that you described sounds very interesting, something I would certanly enjoy reading... And only $10!!! I hope the shipping doesn't cost a fortune... :D Thanks, I think I will order this book! The picture of Van Gog with moving eyes look scary, and I love scary! A great thing for my evil secret lab! :) Thanks!