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Head to Head: Member Created Contest Idea Answered

I just had an idea for some friendly competition. I'm not sure if this has come up before, I tried searching but came up with nothing. A forum topic would be posted asking two or more volunteer members to create an instructable based on a common theme, say, a steampunk altoids tin device. They'd be given a week to post their instructable, and whoever makes the better iBle gets a patch. I was just wondering what your opinions are. Also, I haven't thought of a theme yet.



Anyone interested in designing a patch for this?

Haha! Yea, that's exactly like what I was thinking! Except, I pictured ram heads. O.o

Cool, thanks! Although, I am tempted to use the steer one. :P

Well, I just pilfered the picture from the web and added the text. Irfanview or Gimp make that part easy :-)

I like it, but give the robot big horns or antennas or something. Something that would a resounding (and satisfying) *THUNK* when they collide at high speed.

Metal heads wouldn't thunk ?

hmmm, who would have thunk it....

yeah, I am not sure why I came up with steer heads (bull headed?) ;-)

Anybody up for this then? It seems like something fun to do... Subjects though?

How about for the first trial, we let the competitors choose a subject. I just can't think of anything right now...

Sounds good. I'm on my second patch contest - the haiku seem more popular than the photography.

Is the Photography one on again ? I had to get my camera replaced because of a pocket mishap.

Not at the moment - the winners have been rewarded.

Right now, I'm running the haiku contest.

Ok, I misread the intent of the post above mine :-)

I'd totally do contests...but...I'd need more patches! :D:D >Pms fungus

Just curious, how many patches do you have (to give away)? I'm wondering how long the pro account given to you is. It's so cool that someone did that! :D

Hrm, I think I'm down to 8 or 9 now, I got 15 with a 1 year account IIRC. (And yeah, it's super cool! :D :D )

In the art world sometimes galleries will have a collaborative show where the whole show is about artists who have been paired and have worked on the pieces in the show together; one artist will start a piece, send it to their "partner" to work some more on, who sends it back... and this exchange goes on for either a period of time (say 2 months) or a number of exchanges (say 5). The resulting combination of work by 2 (sometimes 3) artists on the final piece has to be seen to appreciate, but I can't find any that have been archived to show you. Sometimes they pair artists in different mediums - a clay person and a painter, a photographer and a quilter. It doesn't really matter though as most art is such a solitary practice that adding an artist in the same medium or not still has a hugely unknown and surprisingly wonderful effect. I am not suggesting this could work here for a variety of reasons but I just wanted to throw it out there because like the idea itself, maybe someone can add to it to make it into something that could be part of a contest. Connections are what it's all about - we are here (on this site) because we connect, an example of the pluses of connecting are the constructive comments after an Instructable, a contest where two or more members have to work together might have a place....

Wow, that is keeping me busy watching - incredible stuff.

Collaborations like that could work here, as when two or more people set up their project as a collaboration, no one else can see it before publication, but they can trade off in adding to the project/instructable until finished.

Sounds good but maybe not altoid's projects, so many of them as it is...

Yea, that was just the first thing that came to mind. Didn't want to spend an hour thinking up a hypothetical contest theme. :P

Hmm, that COULD be interesting, especially if there was a bit of a challenge to it; but limiting it to two persons, they'd both have to be agreed on it.


Indeed, we couldn't say you and you, head to head, (insert theme),now!

Me and Fungus Amungus once had a head to head, 5 ibles in 5 days competition.

Oh yea, I remember! That was pretty cool. But, I don't remember who won.

I like this idea :D Would two iblers be nominated? Or would people get a chance to apply then the pro community chooses who they want to see head to head?

Or would people get a chance to apply then the pro community chooses who they want to see head to head?

Yea, it could work something like that. Especially if there are too many volunteers.