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Headphone Question Answered

How are headphones/earbuds powered? Is power sent through the audio port? If so, how many volts go through? This question how always wondered me. Because earbuds are basically mini speakers and speakers require power, so shouldn't headphones need at least a little power?



4 years ago

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5 years ago

larger speakers often require extra power (wall socket) to work because they often have a built in amplifier, making sure you get nice loud sound. you may have noticed that the audio jack (the cable you put in your iPod / computer / whatever) has 3 metal pieces. Now I don't know exactly how much you know about electricity at all, but basically it just goes from point A to point B, (like the positive and negative sides of a battery) your ''whatever you play your music on'' sends the signals (waves) into 2 of the 3 metal pieces, these waves are simply boosts of stronger and weaker electricity, which makes the diaphragm in the speaker move back and forth, creating differences in density in the air, which you probably know as ''sound waves'' since there's 2 ear buds, with which you listen to stereo sound, there are 2 different signals coming from your (whatever you listen your music on) these need to take different paths, so they don't get mixed, these are the first 2 metal pieces on the audio jack, the 3rd one takes the leftover energy to ''point B'' after it has made your speaker move, this is simply an ''empty signal'', which does not need to carry data, therefore the 2 signals get mixed, and are taken back to your (whatever you play your music on) through the 3rd metal piece on the audio jack. most mp3 players have a max. voltage of about 0,5 volts btw.

. You are correct - earphones are nothing more than very small speakers. They don't usually require power. Since they are sitting on/in your ear, they don't require much power to be loud.

The deivce, mp3 or whatever has a tiny amp for powering the headphones inside it...


10 years ago

Head/earphones don't have any chips or anything like that in them, so the electricity going to them just powers the speakers. Everytime the speakers recieve the electricity, they push out, and that moves the air, which is what sound is.