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Headphone advice Answered

My old Sony headphones broke after 2 years of use (they were cheep and on sale), so I've been using the head phones that came with my Ipod for about a week and they work fine when im walking or sitting but I cant run or move around with out them falling which is a real pain in the A$$. So I need advice on which headphones to get. I have a budget of 10-30 dollars (not including tax) and it has to be from best buy (i have a $30 gift card). I'd like to get ear bud, clip ear bud, or canal bud style headphones
I have found 2 pairs that i like: Philips Virtual Surround Sound & Philips Ear Bud Headphones & the JVC Marshmallo earbud that True_geek recomended
Please let me know if what i might get is total crap.


i have those same wrap around sony's there really good for running or skating

TheseThese have got to be the best ear phones I've ever used.
They're old $15, the best I've ever used, and you can get a warranty thing.
$10 so if they break ever, you get them replaced.

I would recommend these as I have used them and like them alot, they work great, sound great, and stay in when I work out.