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Headphone amplifier using LM324, is it possible? Answered

I have been scouring the web looking for a possible circuit for this chip. just one input and one output. i cant find anything, is it possible??


Its a quad opamp but yes you only need to use one.

I have had a look at the data sheet earlier, I can't seem to find a suitable set up, they just don't look right. It might just be me what would you recommend :)

What gain do you need?

I would go with a non inverting op amp.

Make sure the input power of the headphones is not greater than the op amp output.

Take the output power of your device and the max input power headphones and compare the two.

If the output is one how many ones fit in the headphones input and that is your maximum gain.



The supply voltage should be 6 times the device output and no greater than 30 volts on a single supply or 15 volts on a double supply.

The output voltage of your device should be no more than 2 or 4 volts peak to peak.