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Headphones Speakers hack Answered

I've been thinking about this for quite a while now.
Since I can remember, I always had problems when it comes to these, after a while, I always end up with the same problem, my speakers not working properly, its always the same, one speaker works fine, the other not so much, same happens with headphones, one side just stops working, and I have to jiggle with the jack to make it work. Of course after I end up buying a new set of speakers/headphones and that's it.
I figured this happens because I plug in and out the heapdhones too many times, I use the speakers during the day, but at night I can't be loud so I swith to heapdhones, well, at least, this is my guess about the problem.
This is what I was thinking about.
I would need a way to have both heapdhones and speakers plugged in at the same time, and be able to switch between them at my please (by software or hardware).
However I never even heard of an on off switch or anything like that.
Does anyone have any kind of idea of how I could do this?


wow as we speak I have this set up what I did was to run an extension line to the top of my desk and plug /unplug either the headphones or external speakers .I was sure hoping a type of switch was going to be mentioned here .

I've had the same kind of problem with USB jacks on my computer. Now I leave an extension cable plugged in all the time and plug in the devices at the end of the cable. If you are willing to use external speakers, this could work well for you.  Make up an audio extension cord that is only a couple inches long and leave it plugged in all the time. Then simply attach either the speakers or the headset as desired. Eventually you may have to replace the female connection on the extension, but that will be easy to do. All parts are readily available at any electronics supplier.

 You could easily solder up a little sound switch, to switch from one to another. 

 You need a Y-splitter. And in your OS (or just the relevant application)'s sound menu, you may be able to switch between speakers.  

I have the same thing happen with earbuds. The jack gets messed  up on the inside when the wire breaks or is otherwise damaged. The best way is to simply fix the jack - there are lots of instructables on this. :)