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Headphones crapped out again Answered

This is my fourth pair of headphones. I keep taking good care and then one day, one ear just stops playing sound all together. The other one is totally fine, I even cleaned out my headphone jack. Please help ASAP. I need my music back. :( They are Earbuds by the way, Ink'd by Skullcandy



Where are you getting the earbuds. i got some at the dollar store and they all die after a couple if weeks. About a month ago I got some better ones for about 5 dollars and I am still using them right now.

My ear buds last ages because I hate wearing them so they stay in the drawer.

I guess your breaking the cable it's very thin.

Winding them up stresses the cable

Pulling on the wires stresses the cable

crumpling them up in your pocket stresses the cable

wearing them stresses the cable

Solution: as said buy cheap and several at once.
Buy a set of head phones
Take extreme care NOT to stress the cable - Don't pull on it - Wind them round a fairly large round object a bit of broom handle is about the right diameter - keep the player near the head phones to reduce the stress on cable - don't pull for your ears by the cable - only wear them when you need to. - Dont sleep in them.


6 years ago

I think its because your cat is secretly using them for batting practice when you aren't looking. A ball in a string, what could be better?

I've had similar problems with earbuds. There's no rhyme or reason for why they stop working, but they do. Maybe it hit something too hard, or maybe the wire inside broke. Either way, they probably aren't worth repairing. This is why I buy a few sets from a dollar store. They only cost a buck (or maybe two) each, and last just as long as the expensive ones, so you won't feel so bad when they stop working!

Actually, there is a rhyme or reason as to why they stop working... the wires are being stressed, and so they become loose. Unless you want to do some soldering, you are out of luck. Actually, Sennheiser earbuds last for a long time (as long as you don't put a ton of stress on them... AKA pulling with all your might!). Mine have lasted for over a year with no problems. :)

lol.. you're right. I kind of contradicted myself when I said that and offered up reasons for why they stop working... (I should've known you'd notice). ;)

This is happening because of stress in the cable (and because skullcandy is a piece of c**p). Cleaning the jack will not help because there is a problem with the cable. Remember that wires are very fragile, and break easy. Once channel is broken, whereas the other is not, that's why only one ear works. I used to have that problem all the time, but I found that if you use a small pouch or headphone case when you put it in your pocket, and wind them correctly (very hard to do with headphones I might add...), then they will last for an insane amount of time. Also, the better quality headphones will last longer. Look into Sennheiser earbuds, I've had mine for over a year now. I paid $50 U.S. for them, and they sound fantastic! If you aren't opposed to switching to headphones, you can get ones that have a replaceable cable. Again, Sennheiser is probably your best bet, or maybe even AKG.

Good luck, and feel free to ask me if you need any further clarification. :)