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Heads up Speedometer Answered

I want a heads up speedometer for my 2000 Toyota Echo. I'm not sufficiently skilled to design one yet. Anybody wanna jumpstart this?



10 years ago

You can sidestep the mirroring problem by using a regular speedo on top of the dash with a mirror in front of it- getting the light path right could be tricky but won't be as tricky as building your own mirrored speedo. I'm not sure where you get external speedometers, though, or how you actually wire them up to your car.

please note I am English so to me "speedo" means "speedometer" not "tiny swimming trunks"

I was going to suggest using one of those clock things that the discovery channel store sells that sweeps a lit thingamabob back and forth really fast, displaying the text you tell it to like it's floating in thin air. Hook one of those up to your digital speedo reading, and set it on your dash. Your car probably has an electric-drive speedo, not a mechanical one, so it's just a matter of getting the two devices to communicate.

. A well-lit speedo mounted on top of the dash should work, but you will need one with a mirror-image display. You'll need a LOT of brightness adjustment - needs to be very bright during the day and very dim at night.