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Health Update Answered

A few sundays ago, I fell asleep at the wheel of my car mid-day (thankfully Ellen my wife was with me and I swerved and unnerved her enough to wake me). 

Of course I scheduled a follow up sleep study to be done (amazing how booked up they are) and that is taking place this coming Monday - Tuesday.   It will probably result in my "pressure" being upped to around 15-18 on the machine; which is getting high.  Just wanted those of you that know me why I wouldn't be posting Monday afternoon in case anyone noticed :-)




6 years ago

I use the nostril expand mask with a bipap,
Some how don't need a jaw clamp with it..


I tried that, but still my mouth dropped open and I couldn't breath through them correctly. The NOSE ONLY mask in the picture has been replaced by a mouth and nose face mask, still I my jaw drops open and I need the strap.

As did my jaw, but stopped when using the Swift Large.
I don't know why, but it did.


Yes, for some reason I just could not breath with that in (I still have one), and had to switch to one that looks a lot like this one:


I had that in the begining...

The one in my original post, is actually me with my "nose only" mask, before switching to the one I just posted. I tried everything except the one that covers the entire face (I have dry eyes already and the would just make things worse).

Mine has a built in heated humidifier, also works great for night long
inhalation therapy....

despite the humidifier, the air blowing over my already dry eyes, still dried them out further

Yes, mine is equipped with one of those also. It is old enough not to have a "removable memory" card, but not so old that it is loud. It is very quiet.

Yeah, tis my present one too. The one I had before (the one in the original post) only covered my nose.

Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Get well, stay safe.
I fell asleep with mine on once,accidently of course. :D

max 5.jpg

Well my mask I DO sleep in...but I fell asleep at the wheel of a car....nothing happened as Ellen woke me before I got far off the road...but I had my sleep study redone and I have been bumped up to a 16 (from 14).

Hey... Long time no see.... How long was that sleep?

Ha ha! Only about 15 mins. My job was to monotor a crack in the wall of a chemical storage building adjacent to a factory fire. The wall had been damaged from the outside when the wall of the burning factory collapsed against it. As firefighting continued next door my crew mate and I were standing by fully "booted and spurred" and armed with a hose, just in case everything turned to poo. Ho Hum. I was tired, the bags of dry chemicals were comfy, and my partner was all hyped up and ready for action, so I thought I would just lay back for a second. I awoke wondering why I couldn't see out of my right eye properly, only to discover that my vision was impaired by one of the numerous dangerous goods stickers that now adorned my helmet and breathing apparatus. :D

Monotor a crack in the wall.....this didin't have anything to do with Dr. Who did it? ;-)

LOL... That's hilarious, but I guess he could've done worse to you. :P

Hope you are feeling better at this point. Once you are getting enough O2 and good quality sleep it will be easier to exercise, too.

I didn't log on for about a week, or I would have wished you well sooner.

NP, and thank you. Yes, now that I am sleeping a little better, I am not as depressed either.

I'm sorry to learn about your scary incident but it is a good thing that the doctor up'd the pressure of your CPAP. I wear the mask in your picture and it seems to work perfectly for me. Years ago I had an Uvulopalatopharingoplasty (UPPP) to remove tonsils, adenoids, and uvula in order to help me with my apnea. The surgery performed by an otorinolaringologist surgeon was a success but later I gained a lot of weight which brought me back to the CPAP when I was starting to fall asleep everywhere. I feel your pain, brother, and I hope you feel better.

Well they didn't up it yet. I just got back from the test, and it will have to be bumped up 2 more levels. But I should be able to get that done before I have to go back to work.

Oh dear! Hope it gews sorted out Mike!

Yes, in all likelihood, they'll up the pressure and I will be back to sleeping a sound 5 hour sleep again (with a nap during the day). As it is, I believe my apnea is lowing my O2 levels by stopping my breathing as I sleep.

Sorry to hear that you've been having problems. It sure was a good thing your wife was around when you nodded off in the car. I hope they find a solution for you soon.

Yeah, this thing kind of sneaks up on you and suddenly, the line gets crossed and something "close" happens. The solution is actually two fold. For now, raising the pressure on the c-pap and then losing weight. That will make my night time breathing less labored.

I agree. The weight probably has a lot to do with it, and I'm dealing with a similar problem. I use to be VERY active, and I would go for a run everyday, and then I had a bad fall and broke my back. I could hardly walk or move for the first 3 months, and so the weight started to pile on. Now I have to lose it, but its hard when nearly any activity is painful. Swimming is about the best way to get active without stress on your body, so you might want to give that a try. I would think there are facilities in your area, and you might get some discount when its for medical reasons, so check into it if money is tight.

Yes, costs and time are factors that make it all very difficult for me.

I would notice. Good luck.

Thanks, we are pretty sure that I will just need an adjustment of the pressure (upwards).