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Heat conduction containment between windows and curtains Answered

How do I contain the heat rising between curtains and windows in east and south facing windows? (on the cheap, please) It will spread across the ceiling and blast into the room...ugh...? I just installed new thermal draperies that go from floor to above window but there is that gap at the top...and no room for a valance type box... The east windows span 124" x 69"--5 Anderson type windows. The left and right ends of the windows (5 panes) are the ones that open. The south wall is 124" by 56"--two panes, both crank open.
Any good easy practical suggestions?


Have you reduced your ATTIC temperature?  My house used to be about 92 degrees hot but i got the house TEN DEGREES cooler by reducing my attic temperature from 140 F... down to about 110F.  Heres how i did it.... 


Heat comes into your house through several places. I think the windows are one, ... especially if the sun is shining in them!  In that case, i would put some kind of AWNING over the windows or some kind of covering OUTSIDE such as shutters as suggested by someone else.   Now, my house USUALLY stays less than 82 degrees WITHOUT RUNNING the airconditioner.  On the HOTTEST days of the summer... it might get up to 85 and then we run the airconditioner some days.  I am working on other ideas to eliminate AC usage completely. 

Here is how to test your attic.  go up there at about 2pm.  That is about the HOTTEST part of the day in most attics.  measure the temperature up there at that time.  If it is more than 115 degrees... then you need to reduce attic temperature.  If you have roof vents such as turbine vents.... but your attic is 140 degrees... then your turbine vents ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING.  They make you HAPPY thinking they are there... but if attic is HOT then your HOUSE will be HOT.  You are being ROASTED by the heat in the attic.

I used 1/4 inch styrofoam sheets to "fix" my attic.... but if i had to do it over again... i think i would try the VERY CHEAP METHOD of placing reflective mylar film... like a plastic silvery sheet of plastic up there. available on ebay.  This forms a barrier PLUS it reflects heat back to the attic ceiling...  That way, if attic temperature is reduced... then it was done cheap.  If further reduction is needed, THEN add the expensive (total $about $300.00). styrofoam sheets.

as it is NOW.. i have the styrofoam sheets... but can NOT add the reflective film... i elimanated that option by placing the styrofoam sheets FIRST.

Interior storm windows can provide almost as much additional insulation as switching to double glazing, much less expensively.

Though in this case I do think reflective film is worth considering instead, or in addition.

Shutters on the out side and keep them closed - they have been doing this in France for years.


8 years ago

The cheapest and most effective solution I can think of, short of installing dual pane, insulated windows is to install the tinted, reflective window film. It will substantially reduce the amount of radiant energy passing through the glass and is easy enough for a novice to install.
Your local big box hardware stores will sell you the film and most will even give you instructions on how to apply it.