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Heat my home for free? Answered

I want to build a HHO generator to supply a heat source for hydronic heating(under floor and/or baseboard). Use solar or wind to supply energy to run HHO generator and pump for heat system. Anyone else thought about this? As I see it, this could heat a home for free. Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions on the subject?


I use passive air heat in my solar cabin and would suggest that first but solar under flooring heaters can work if you get great sun. Remember the sun is low and has more cloudy days in winter which is when you want heat.

You can use a thermal siphon batch or pipe solar water heater which requires no pump as cold water pushes warm water through the pipes or use an inline pump.

Solar water heater panels are placed on a roof or in a separate shed.

For ideas on passive solar air heating, solar and wind power visit my website and watch the videos:



Heating your home is not the problem. Insulating it to prevent loss of heat is. Well insulated modern homes can be heated by no more than the people in them and normal cooking activities. Put your money where it will be most effective.

Why HHO, what's the point? Just stick with the solar & wind. L

Hi L, Thanks for answering. I thought I would get much more energy for a heat source with a flame from the hydrogen, to heat the water, and not over tax my batteries which are being used to run the water pump.


You won't get any more energy out of the gas than you put in to to the generator. It's safer and more efficient to use the electrical energy directly.
Using a water-filled system is a good idea as it will hold a lot of heat, you've got storage in there as well as your batteries.
Best wishes for it - make an Instructable?


laws of thermodynamics apply to hho. If you put x energy into a solar panel, 20% will come out as electricity. If you feed that electricity to a resistance heater it will be near 99% efficient at making heat. (so ~20% overall efficient) If however you feed that electricity into an HHO generator, you'll get HHO, but only about half of the energy you put in. it is NOT overunity. overall 10% efficient. If you just run solar heat collectors with radiant heating you'll get near 50% efficiency. As lemonie says - why add an expensive step?