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Heating a Water Garden? Answered

Im looking to start a water garden, i dont have much room in my back yard so i have decided on a 8 foot long trench thats about 6 inches wide with a pump to keep the water flowing. the only problem i am having is the growing season here isnt long enough to grow some of the plants that i would like to grow, i was thinking an underwater heater would be a good solution to keep the temperature above freezing and some what extend the growing season. Any thoughts on a good heater set up i could use that would keep the entire trench an even temperature without having to have a seperate heater every few feet?


I have the pallet garden concept. Part of it is a thing that I call a "flip flop". If you run water slowly to the flip flop and then let it run over some black corrugated metal and into your pond, you will collect quite a lot of solar heat. Video 6 in the playlist. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkzXlmAwZTZcZ1F_EdWJGmoCyPm6A9Gne&feature=view_all

If you're up for a little plumbing, you could just pipe the circulating water through your house.