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Hell Kitten AR-15 Answered


For those of us who do not just want to kill our prey, but humiliate it too.


. ROFLMAO! That is hilarious. . What is that piece directly below where the tail stock joins the lower receiver? I don't have one of those on my AR-15A1. Collapsible handgrip? . Great little guns, ain't they? I've killed hundreds of aluminum cans with mine. Mine still has the collapsible stock, flash suppressor/muzzle brake, and unmodded magazines - guess I better stay out of California. heehee . Don't forget your earplugs!

it is not a collapsible handgrip, it is a CA complient grip. it is made to conform to the Assuly Weapons laws.

Wow you have one? I have heard many varying opinions on the recoil, from unbearable to unnoticeable, your $0.02?

. I can't imagine a .223 having much kick, except maybe in a derringer. Even in a "normal-sized" handgun, it shouldn't be bad. . With the AR-15/M-16, I'll choose unnoticeable. In a bolt-action, I'd call it very mild to mild. . There's quite a bit of powder there, but the bullet is very light - 55 grains seems to be the most common. . For a little more info on the .223, try

Thanks for the input *goes to friend's house to show off superior intellect in the field of arms and warfare*

The gun is real, and appears to be painted with DuraCote standard color #66 Pink Lady. They have dozens of colors, including lots of cammo patterns that you make with peel and stick masking. Personally, I prefer buleing, browning, and Parkerizing, but I have to admit that the cammo patterns are pretty cool.


10 years ago

its a fake. well, this pic is anyway, the builder left the gas tube out of this build. I saw the parts laying out in a separate pic and there was no carrier or bolt either. the pix of woman at the shooting range showed it with no bolt or carrier also.


10 years ago

One of my dad's co workers was an ex army or something, she had hello kitty pistol grips. Haha

lol, I saw something like this one the news... People are bying these guns... but they look like they are safe, like toys. The colorfulness attracts kids to the guns. lol

hahahaha yea... I wonder if anyone has attempted to get away with painting the tip of the barrel orange.. in NC it symbolizes an airsoft or paintball gun. you can walk intoa bank with a orange tipped gun and nobody would do anything. well, you would probably be charged with "disturbing the peace" or something. but theoretically you can.

Thats the way it is in SC, too. But probaly instead of distrubing the peace, youed more likely end up in jail. (lol)

omg lol disgrace to the ar15 though still... LOL but i agree with RocketScientist2015


10 years ago

That's pretty crazy! If I was a female, I would get that gun!

i would so repaint a marker to look like this and give it to the new guy that or use it my self the only thing worse than useing a gun like that is getting pwned by a gun like that

If I had that gun I would repaint it.

Is this one Photoshopped? The real one is Hello Kitty, not Hell Kitty. As for the grip, the whole idea for this gun originated by someone in California, where Pisol grips are illegal on AR's, or at least it was, I don't know if it is or isn't anymore. So instead of a Pistol Grip, they used this modified pistol grip. (Real Photos Below)


I read an article in the Philly Inquirer that talked about the different colored guns that may look like toy guns, but actually are the real thing. Police were becoming confused because they could not distinguish between the toy gun and a real gun.

Here we go, I found the article: Philadelhpia Inquirer: Which is the Real One?

Poor firearm! *cries*