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Hello. Answered

I feel like making another gun.  Let's have a vote on what it should be.  I will probably post instructions but no guarantee, so lets see your suggestions!  Leave as many as you like, and preferably not from MW2 and definitely not something that has already been done very well before.



He's making an XM8

Actually the only decent one I've seen is gtrain's and not to be rude but even that isn't that good in my opinion. I've tried a pump action shotgun before too, and it was next to impossible for me. Especially the barrel on the one you are showing me

It's not pump, the real one is semi auto.

Oh. Maybe I'll give it a shot after the XM8. I have you on facebook right?

Yeah lol, hopefully you can remember my name :D

haha yup, just making sure :P lol it's even part of your name


7 years ago

G36K! With an integrated carrying handle scope! And a charging handle! And Bolt action! and a mag catch/release!

I think I've decided on the XM8, sorry. But that does look like a very cool gun though, I might make it next if I feel like making another.

Yay! I'll build that XM8 if there are a few pics of it. I hope you feel like making another. Btw, what happened to the MP5K and all of your other guns? And what happened to the L86 LSW?

Thanks! And I took them apart for my mag fed NAR, which ended up a failure.

Oh, ok. Do you have any pics of the XM8 yet?

lol sorry I'll let you know when I do

Yes please do I love the G36 family especially the K

is it gonna have a removable mag?

(Please, can we have more descriptive titles?)


7 years ago

r700, m60, m249, mg42 or an xm8....

I think I've decided on the XM8

We still lack a really good XM8. Removable, adjustable stock. Charging handle with a lot of room to be used easily to recock a k'nex weapon. It has a lot of potential. Bonus for making it bolt action.

Yeah, I actually just started making it lol. It's going to be a lot of work to make a removable and adjustable stock but I'll give it a shot. Are there any other things you want to see in it?

If you can get that charging handle working as bolt action I'd be satisfied enough. However, if you want to push it then make a bolt catch. It'd be interesting to see how an automatic bolt would work. Yes, it would have more resistance but not as much power but then it would only require you to pull back and not push forward. Then making a device that locks the bolt back under certain circumstances (I'll let you choose how that works) so that you can insert a fresh mag with the gun cocked but the bolt still back (I'd image you'd use a roofed magazine? Up to you) then release it with a button press like the real one.
Stock doesn't need to be removable for the sake of making a pin guide and all that. But it would be nice to make it adjustable. But don't sacrifice looks if you have to. Try making it look decent if you're going to do it.
Yeah...I think that's all.

Honestly I have no clue what half the stuff you just said even means :$ I would be very thankful if you could explain some things to me. 1) By "If you can get that charging handle working as bolt action I'd be satisfied enough.", do you mean that the charging handle (the thing you pull to cock the gun right?) will also be the be the thing for the bolt action? 2) What do you mean by "However, if you want to push it then make a bolt catch." ? And what is a bolt catch? 3) I'm assuming an automatic bolt is what I tried explaining in question 1 right? 4) Would you like to do a collaboration? I can try to do as much the body as I can, and possibly part of the mech, but I'm sure it would be a much better gun if you were a big role in making the mech. Thanks, MotaBoi

Basically I was saying that the charging handle should be the bolt handle (because that's essentially what it is on real guns) but instead of requiring you to push it back, it should fling forward and chamber a round by itself. However, because roofed magazines are a better design and I'd use that for a bolt action, the bolt pin could get in the way of the magazine and so it'd be nice to make it somehow hold the charging handle back under certain circumstances so that you can insert the magazine easily and then release the bolt like normal.
In a real firearm, a bolt catch basically hold the bolt back after the last shot so that when you insert a new magazine all you have to do is release the bolt via a button or switch instead of recharging the weapon entirely.

I guess I could help out. I don't know what I'd do but I always wanted to make an XM8. It's actually what ended up leading to what I think was the first design to allow a bottom loading, shelled ammo repeater.

Also, sorry for there not being spaces between the questions, I double spaced them and I don't know why it is all one paragraph,

A Mauser C96 handgun or a Colt Python

Sorry, I actually like to make bigger guns because most handguns in knex are almost the exact same thing and there is not much that distinguishes it.

What about an SA80, nice looking bullpup assault rifle

Looks a lot like a L86, I already gave that a go though and it was a bit too difficult for me.

Yeah, we have the technology, we can make it better, faster, stronger than it was before

I honestly don't know what you're talking about.... lol

Oh man, where did you learn about the L86 Light Support Weapon? The L86 is a light machinegun version of the British SA80


I think I've decided on the XM8 But I think that KGB is remaking his though :)


7 years ago

WW2 weapons: MG-42
MW2 weapons: FN FAL, Vector

I think I've decided on the XM8

a rifle and/or a pistol from WW1 or WW2, preferably a rifle