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Hello, I'm looking for sources to obtain 20 inch axel bike wheels such as those used on a bike trailer or wood carts? ? Answered



bmx wheels are also 20 inch, altough they're a bit heavier.if you go with bmx wheels watch for the axle diameter, there are 14mm bmx axles


8 years ago

Children's bikes use wheels of that size (and sometimes 16"). You can usually find used kid's bikes at the side of the road on garbageday.  The dump in my city also has a free used bike exchange, maybeyours has something similar.

Freecycle is another good place to find used kid's bikes for free.

Bike repair shop.  Garage sales.  Craig's list.  Church sales.

Many times you can get the whole bike for $5.  If all you need istwo good wheels you should be able to get something easily.