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Hello Kitty Chainsaw Answered

The Hello Kitty Chainsaw, for when you need an extra bit of cuteness in your zombie massacre. Not much info on this one, but it is one lovely custom paintjob. There's already a Hello Kitty AK-47 out there. We need more for a Hello Kitty arsenal.

Link via Neatorama


the fact that it looks so worn and kinda rusty around the chain just makes it look brutal even if it is cute

Flagged.  Watch your language.

Lol! Awesome! The pedestal is a nice touch!

 that's not right...

I think the rust adds to the effect. This looks like something out of a video game.. i love it..5 stars

That's not rust, it's dried blood....

 The only real visible rust in the picture is on the bar that holds the chain and the chain itself, other than that, all it is is a nice paint job. Maybe a better way to say it is "a paint job that has a nice patina," the flaking is what looks nice. The rust looks good, but that is not what you are talking about.

OMG, I need it!!!


8 years ago


Hello Kitty is, allegedly, the most licensed brand image on the planet.

I have seen Hello Kitty cigarette cases, and I have heard of actual HK cigarettes!

Ah...That's just-just...WRONG!

 You beat me to it... I was going to point out the Hello Kitty "toy"

...which really only screams pedophile to me...  

Yeah, me too.  Disturbing on way, way too many levels....

I've seen those for sale in a regular shop in Japan. Right next to a lot of other souvenirs.

Gah! I read the link before clicking and still clicked it, why...

awesome... now we need hk lasers and pocketknifes and blackhole generators!!!!!

when you rearrange the letters in "hello kitty" it spells "kill the toy"

Sweeeet I want it just for being silly with...