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Hello Subscribers Answered

I noticed today that I have 55 subscribers. Some of you I know personally and some of you I have talked to enough times on this website to feel like I do, but most of you I never met before.

I am just wondering why you subscribed to me? Who you are? What do you like? Have you been using this website for a while? What do you do with yourself? What country are you in?

Let's talk!

(I figured I would post this as a forum topic because you would all see this as an update.)


To answer your questions in order: I like your instructables. :P That's usually a good enough reason for me to subscribe to someone. I am Nathan. I believe I'll meet you next week, so you probably, maybe, even know more about me than anyone else on instructables. :-O I like instructables, and coffee. i also like bikes, tea, alternative fuels, meeting people, etc., etc., etc. See the list two answers down. I've been using this website since 2005 sometime.... I don't remember when I first discovered it, but it had many fewer than 1000 instructables at the time. I joined, however, just over two years ago. What do I do with my self...? I drink coffee (and tea), I fix bikes, I ride bikes, I meet people, I make biodiesel, I network, I dance, I make food, I eat food, I drink sweet tea, I put robot stickers on things, and I read a lot. I do more than that, but that's a nice list. I am in the USA. Answer your questions? :)

next week, eh? Awesome! I heard you were coming in the future... but I didn't realize the future was next week!

What type of tea do you like?

Well, I'll be stopping by next week anyway. I'm pretty dang excited to tell the truth. I like green tea right now. For a while I drank black tea, and then herbal tea for a week, and now I'm drinking green tea. The black tea ran out and the herbal tea lacked caffeine. :) Are you a tea person or a coffee person?

Hello, Randofo!

I subscribe to you because I find your work online (both on your personal site and on here) quite interesting - at times utterly compelling, now zany, then just brilliant, often hilarious, somtimes just plain strange, and not uncommonly baffling. In short, fascinating! :-D

I am one of the women of instructables! And a banana hater. And a spider fearer. And many other things.

I like sugar. I like wheatgerm. I like running down grassy hills barefoot. I like days at the beach with large white waves. I like meat. I like to do all sorts of admittedly strange projects. I like riding a lunatic horse bareback with only a broken leadrope to hang onto while she tries to scrape me off by running against trees. Yup.

Just passed the two year mark. Wooo!

Anything I can make me!


One of the women on Instructables? Silly minorities! I don't like running down grassy hills barefoot, mainly because I cannot stand the feel of the random blade of crabgrass brushing against my foot, and when I run down hills, I go faster and faster, and lose control. I also like meat.

How can you hate bananas? Perhaps you have never discovered nutella. Bananas and nutella... yum.... Riding horses scares me. Two years is a long time. I just checked and i've been signed up for a little over 3 years. Craziness... where does the time go...

oooo Nutella is good with a lot of things.....PB too....I get my favorite chili infused PB and mix in the nutella, and two pieces of bread (and maybe a 'nana or two) ... Horses and I get along famously. :-)

OMG! Chili and peanut butter and nutella and bread and bananas?!

No, not chili and peanut butter, it is a peanut butter with chili peppers in it. :-)

I hate the taste, texture and color of bananas. Yukky. I'll eat them if I'm super hungry, but I don't like them. But I love nutella! I could eat a whole jar in one sitting. :D Heh - truth be known, It often scares me too! But if you do it anyway, It's quite exhilarating. I know! I can hardly believe it either...

Also... thanks for the compliments!

According to Dr. Seuss, there were 7 lady Godivas LOL

What kind of books was Dr. Seuss writing other than childrens books? O_o

He wrote the following with adults in mind:

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

You’re Only Old Once!

and: The Seven Lady Godivas

My wife bought the book out of curiosity....LOL

> the women of instructables . Somehow I missed that slideshow. Link?

We have enough people around the office for a calendar. Most of us are male and you probably don't want to see any of us oiled up.

(subscribed) To be honest, you kind of scare me.

I scare you? Most people who know me would probably say the opposite.

Randyland, Randyland...

confucious say: man of steel. have rusty underpants

Confucius also say: man with mind like steel trap had a mind that has chance of springing closed and cutting off head.


9 years ago

You work at -Ibles. Jared. Lots of stuff. Just over a year! Lots of stuff! United States East Coast, unfortunately..

The east coast is great. That's where I'm from originally. The pizza is better.

Hehe! The pizza is definitely better. The west coast does have its perks, though.. :D

The west coast does have its perks, though..
Lots of rain? :P

Yes bumpus, thank you for explaining the joke that i had made, for those people out there whom are completely stupid.

You are quite welcome. :P

Bumpus is always eating pizza, like every day, he says to me. "brb pizza" Then, i ask him what kind when he gets back, he replies "pepperoni" Without Fail.

I try to subscribe to all you main guys! You all are so unique, and kick out all sorts, from fine foods, to crazy laser cutting fun.

Actually reads the rest of the topic, I am just wondering why you subscribed to me? Who you are? What do you like? Have you been using this website for a while? What do you do with yourself? What country are you in?

You probably know i like making props, but im also an avid graphic designer, I've been visiting the site for a long time, been a member for about 2 years, but the last year i cut out all TV, and some hours of sleep to make room for ibles.

I spend most my free time making things, spending time with my fiance, or sorting out wedding things..

All TV eh? I sometimes go years without watching TV (and years only watching TV... lets not talk about that though...) Haven't watched TV since I moved out of my last apartment in September. I find I get more done without TV.

TV is a great activity for those whom have no other means to socialize. Its surprising how many couples spend their spare time watching tv together... Plus, its so boring compared to actually creating, its great to have something to show for your time.

Muahahahahahahahahaha. "I spend most my free time...sorting out wedding things" - IDK why but that made me laugh... :D

56 Because you post a load of official and semi-official stuff that's interesting to read, but often slides past without comment.