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Hello everyone, can anyone here give me the idea for my Control systems project? Answered

 i'm in my 5th sems of telecom engg nd have to  submit my semester project.. :) 


Why is it that at least 75% of the time when you ask for more information you never hear from the questioner again?

Because we haven't laid out the whole project for her ?

More Ingo needed what s your brief

As a general comment if you want to be successful heed the following:

1. Understand the brief
2. Pick a subject you feel you will be able to cope with and do the project well - this is no time to be challenging yourself and failing
3. Have a time table to work to and KEEP to it - work over time if you fall behind. Projects become weeks and months late one day at a time.

What's permitted ? Control systems in telecomms needn't involve any moving parts at all.