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Hello , i need help , im trying to make a trike but i cant weld nor can i afford the trike kit , how can i make one? Answered




Best Answer 7 years ago

If you can't afford the welding then you can't afford the kit. A kit is useless unless you have the money/equipment to finish it.

Welding is probably the only safe method to put it together.

Maybe you could work out a deal with a welder to clean up his junk yard or shop in return for a bit of welding. Maybe mow his yard a few times?

Good luck.

Or find a friend, relative, friend of relative, or relative of friend who has a welder and knows how to use it, and work out a deal of that sort.

I tend to agree that welding is the only safe way to assemble metal tubing into something that will carry a human.

Of course there are alternatives to metal tubing. See various instructables for experiments with fiberglass, bamboo, carbon fiber, and gods know what.

And there are alternatives to tricycle. There have been instructables about bicycle sidecars and trailers, for example. One of those alternatives might, or might not, address your needs.

I've seen wood bikes so making a wood trike shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

If you can't buy anything then I can't help you out buddy.

ooh im sory i dont mean like that i mean that i cant afford the trike kit