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Hello people! are there any effective home remedies to get rid of acne? I really need to know as soon as possible. Answered

I'm having serious acne problems for the last few months. I have no idea how it started, my skin was acne free & sooo fresh last year! but now, acne just pop up suddenly & sometimes it hurts :( ..... many have suggested me with a bunch of home remedies, but how do I know if they're effective & safe? I want my acne free & fresh skin back. PLEASE HELP ME......


If they are really deep and hurt, then you need to see a doctor because its probably cystic acne, and you may need some prescription medication.

If its just regular acne, you want to make sure you clean and pat dry your face twice a day, and LIGHTLY exfoliate the dead skin from your face once a week. Use a cleanser that doesn't over-dry and remove all your natural oils. You can also use something called "witch hazel" to really oily/pimpled areas. (Most pharmacy type stores sell this with rubbing alcohol and peroxide).

A hot wash cloth over a pimple will help it to surface faster and to clean it out.

A cold compress can help if its sore.

If you have NO access to commercially available acne medications, then toothpaste (not the gel kind, just the basic stuff) can work in emergencies overnight to help dry out a pimple.

I hope that helps. It may be just a hormonal change you are going through that is causing this, so just do your best to take care of your skin and DON'T pick and poke at any pimples as it can lead to more pimples and scars.

When you are sitting in school classes, (and you feel bored), don't rest your chin on your hand. Our hands are sweaty and can have germs that can encourage acne where-ever your hand touches your face. This tip is only "helpfull" to reduce occurances, but it helped a little when i was a youngster.

Almost all home remedies are safe enouch, some of them might not work, but causing permanent damage is unlikely. Use your own critical thinking - avoid straightforward damaging activities and chemistry that is not meant for eating OR for contact with your skin or membranes. Different things work for different people and probably for different kinds of acne. You just have to try some of them and see what happens. Food products, aspirin, toothpaste or reasonable exfoliating are safe.

I personally suggest you try this https://www.instructables.com/id/Wash-Your-Face-With-Oil/ . I don't have serious acne, but I get some small pimples if I just wash my face with water only or any dedicated product I have bothered to try. The oil treatment daily keeps my skin much more clear. You probably won't have to exfoliate in addition to this rubbing.

But try different things, that's the only way to find something that works. Give each experiment time to show it's results.

limit your high glycemic food intake, especially bread and all other wheat products, and don't believe that whole grain is healthy.

It worked for me.
Good luck

If it hurts, then there is a possibility that you are suffering an infection beyond the normal acne.

However, free medical advice on the internet is often worth less than you paid for it - if you are concerned, visit a qualified medical practitioner in person.