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The bassist of my band quit, and now my I have to be the bassist and vocalist at the same time. I'm pretty good at playing the bass, but I can't seem to stretch my fingers out that long.... Anybody have any idea on how to increase finger-stretching capabilities? Any advice would be appreciated....

Oh and I can't sing properly if I'm playing an instrument, so any advice on how to sing while playing a guitar/bass would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



8 years ago

Get finger extensions.

Perhaps work some out of metal! :D

That might actually work....

Well, yeah... if they're not made out of metal.

I was thinking rubber....

Try casting your fingers in silicone. :D

By the way, we should totally talk on Skype, now that Meebo is obsolete to us I'blers.

Silicone might work.

Sure thing, my Skype account is TheRealIzanagiTelos.

Or just play a flute....

My dad told me about some guy that could sing and play the flute at the same time! I can't remeber who it was though... 

Uh, isn't that supposed to be, you know, impossible?

It's supposed to be, but maybe the guy just has mad skills or something.

Maybe he uses his ear to play the flute?    I know some people that "play by ear"   LOL 

Sorry, I couldn't resist that setup   :-) 

He plays flute in a band, but I don't know if he sings at the same time or not.

Well, when I said Just, I did just mean just. But you're right. That would be difficult.

play bass scales, over and over and over again, trust me this will work for your finger streching problem, as for the singing, just practice your songs to death so you can play them in your sleep.


8 years ago

There are two things I do to practice singing while playing an instrument. First, I practice singing while fingering along on the instrument or playing quietly. The second thing I do is hook my instrument up to a headset and sing along while I'm playing but I can't hear my voice.

After you do that for a while it becomes easier to separate the sound of your instrument and your voice, and you can sing and play at the same time with no extra effort.

Play guitar hero on expert mode.

Don't have a guitar hero guitar, I play it using the normal joystick, so your advice is pretty much useless....

Lol no.

i dont really think there's anything i know of about stretching exercises or anything, the only thing i can say is try playing down a string that way the frets are closer together.  If its on the 4th string, then just play the higher note a string up

I rarely play on the fourth string, but thanks for the advice, might be of some use.

i would have thought that the fourth string (e) is one of the more popular ones...

I have the some problem with multitasking with music.  Like I cant sing and play guitar and keep a beat and it takes me forever to coordinate my two hands for piano.  Just practice can help with that

Strangely, I can sing and play drums at the same time without any problem at all, but my bandmates thought that the idea of a drumming vocalist is stupid, so they put me on bass.

And yeah, I guess you're right, all I gotta do is keep practicing.

It is a bit odd, but i think the reason why you don't see it often is because its hard to separate the vocals and the drum with application

They must have never heard of Phil Collins.  Of course, there are others.

Well, there are a few exceptions now and then... and I'm pretty sure they've heard of Phil Collins, but I'm sure they have their reasons.

I would recommend just practicing.  It is called, "muscle memory," so your fingers will gradually learn to make the longer stretches.

Thanks for telling me about muscle memory, that's good news to me.