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Help ! Auto CAD, Turbo CAD - What's best ?? Answered

I need a good CAD program. Have no experience in using CAD, but need something that will aid me in putting up a better wind charger tower (farmer, dependant on off grid power), need also to be able to design meshing gears and perhaps PC board layouts. The internet is so full of advice (read sales pitch) that I am frankly baffled. Come to think of it I also need the earth, but can't afford it. Need advice please


I use, Autodesk Inventor 2010 It works great but cost some money unless your a student. If your a student anywhere you can go to there autodesk student community and download their software for free.


10 years ago

. For what you are wanting to do, either one should work well. IIRC, TurboCAD is considerably cheaper and will export to formats compatible with AutoCAD.
. I use AutoCAD, for electrical drawings, but that's just because a past employer insisted that I use it and they paid for my copy.
. For PCBs, you'll probably be better off getting a program that specializes in that. CAD will work, but moving components around and re-arranging traces can be challenging.