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Help - Battery Powered 64 Answered

I have an extra adapter for my N64 (image of adapter above) I want to run it on a 12v 600mAh battery can I do it safely by soldering the connections inside this adapter. (image shown of adapter, it has wire setup on it) I dont want to kill the thing its our only one.


Are you sure it says "or" ? You need 3.3v AND 12v a computer PSU has the proper voltages, test it with that

is there any single voltage input ? like the 5 V in gameboy advance if yes use a 7805 or another voltage chip if no use LM317 high current variant (normal LM317 is not enough) + 7812 the LM317 needs extra components and may output high voltage if a link breaks (that puts the N64 at risk). you may reduce the risk with high current 3.7 V zener diode + fuse like nintendo for that they give you the map and voltages and currents of the power socket

Tired it didnt work.. More power? My batt: 12v 600mAh required: 12v 0.8A

measure the voltage on the battery when the N64 is connected. maybe it drops then to way below 12 V

the 600 mAH means how much time it may work. 600 mAH / 0.8 A = about 45 min (usually is much less cause the voltage of the battery drops when it discharges)

dont run the N64 with too low voltages. it may damage it the same as too high voltages can (way less likely though)