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Help. Clothes Dryer Motor Answered

Help.. I have a Motor from a Clothes Dryer.. I want to Use it as a Generator.. can anyone help me? It has a three wires.. a blue, red and yellow-black ones.. how will i use those wires? please give me some inputs.. thanks.. 


many ac motors do not contain permanent magnets, and hence, cannot be used as generators. ALTernator... maaaybe. It's been a while since i've been into this stuff.

oh really? what is an alternator?

An alternator has no permanent magnets, but relies on batteries to energize fiel coils which serve the same purpose. Cars today use alternators to produce electrical power rather than generators.

Look up specs on multi-phase motors. They are controlled and wired up differently.

how should i know what kind of motor is it?..
btw.. thanks!

if there are any nameplates or model numbers on your motor, you should be able to look that up. Look up the clothes dryer manual and check out the parts list and wiring schematic. Many clothes driers are made by the same manufacturer so pick one similar if you do not know the exact model or make. It will give you a good idea of what to look for. There are probably a few ibles here that you can search for as the motors are probably good to use to build potters wheels. They are usually motors driven off the mains power so be careful.

uhm.. my brother said that is is a three phase motor..