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Help! DVD speaker to my computer???? Answered


 so big issue here is my DVD speaker has one chord and ends with TWO wires but no plug in thingy so how would this work?? I am tired of headphones. the speaker just ends with two wires so i cant really just plug it in. Can I cut off the end of some old headphones and try to connect the wires into that or what???? Please help and please let there be a answer to this my life would be so much better, thanks:)

Oh, im trying to connect my DVD speaker to my computer so play music out loud.


Danielle, Are you sure your DVD player doesn't have an earphone output? If it does, then it's a simple matter of getting a stereo cable to connect the output of the DVD player with the line input of the computers' soundcard. Radio Shack and similar stores have them. Just haul yourself and the DVD player up there and ask for help. If you tell them what you want to do, they will understand and point you to the right cable. IFF there is an earphone jack!

If the DVD player has no external JACK (that's what we call the outlet into which you plug a cable like earphones), and the wires you describe are in fact wires that went to an external speaker for the DVD player, I would not recommend simply connecting those wires to the input of a soundcard, unless you want to stand a good chance of ruining the soundcard input.

If the DVD player has no external JACK and you are electronics savvy, you could buffer said speaker output using an opamp, to ensure that the input signal to the soundcard does not exceed the specs for input signals (which, btw, speaker outputs DO exceed routinely). Since you're asking, I suspect you're not yet a full fledged "geek" and think the most valuable answer I can offer you is to get a new speaker or get a new DVD player that does have an audio out jack, even if that's not what you want to hear.

BTW, I took a moment and checked your profile. Good, you're a high school student. It's possible that your school has a group of students who are techies. Ask a science teacher. it's also possible that you have a vocational program at school. If so, go there and ask for help. One thing is true of most geeks. We like to solve problems. First person is always better than online. Bring the DVD player with you.

Best wishes.

As discussed in some of the other PC-sound questions: Output from your PC is three wires, organized on the plug as tip (left signal), ring (right signal), sleeve (common signal ground). You can easily slap a plug on your speaker and connect it to *one* channel... but not both, unless you put a mixer between the PC and the speaker.

Depending on how your sound drivers work, you might be able to pan the signal to that one channel and mix the left and right inside the PC. Or you could accept losing one channel; most basic PC sounds are mono anyway.

My fear is he wants to connect a full size speaker to a line level output -- it'll "work" if the impedence is right, but it will be sad sauce.

Valid point. We need to know more about what this "DVD speaker" actually is before we can guess how well it will work. Or you can try it and see what happens.

Please define DVD speaker.

DVD stands for digital video disk. DVD's don't have speakers.