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Help!!!! Does anybody know how to make an unexecutable program? Answered

Does anybody know how to make an unexecutable program? When i mean an unexecutable program i mean a program where you have to enter a password and username to get rid of it. It must be able to start up on login and cant be minimized ( - ) or closed ( x ). Below is an image of what i mean:


Well you can make a batch file that can do this , but u have to go in to registry and make a few adjustments. Find a folder locker and put that and your program you wanna boot up on startup and put it in your startup folder on your start menu and reset your pc...

Does anybody know how to make an unexecutable program?

According to your description, my answer to your question is : Yes, I do.

If you create your windows using the traditional WIN32 function CreateWindow(), set the dwstyle parameter to WS_CAPTION.
You'll get a window with a title bar, but without any button.

About running it on startup, I know there is an entry into the registry where you can specify which programs to run on startup.

I could give you more info and help, but I don't even know if you can code and, if yes, in what language .......

Yes, it's possible, but it will be executed in last IIRC. I believe the applications specified into registry key (something like HRHC_LOCAL_SOMETHING/Microsoft/Windows/Run or RunService) are executed just after the login.

So I guess you can't program in C++, Delphi or VisualBasic ? You should learn a programming language first.

But, can you program in it? Name 4 data types.

Okay. I program mainly in C++. I did not use VisualBasic for a too long time. I don't remember everything about it. However, there must be some parameters that you could change when you create your form. If not, I'm afraid you'd have to deal with the Win32 API by importing some functions directly from DLL. If you don't know how to do that, you should read some VB tutorials or ask your question on a VB programming forum.