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Help! Flash/fiber optic wire question Answered

Help help! I was following the instructions at http://tutorialgeek.blogspot.com/2010/11/fix-flash-on-nikon-d70-dslr.html to fix a flash on a camera I got on ebay. All was going great until the black wire came out. I tried putting it back in and got a terrible shock, and the flash no longer worked. So I thought it was a grounding wire. I tried to strip it and put it back in its little holes, but it did NOT want to strip. Downloading the service manual later showed me that it didn't want to strip because it's really fiber optics in there.

In trying to fix it some more, I got shocked a few more times, pretty strongly (with the battery out, even). I'm not sure if I've fried a component or not, but at least nothing smells bad.

I'd like to try to put a new fiber optic wire in there, but I have no idea where to find one. Can anyone help me? The gauge of the wire is pretty standard for small electronics. Please let me know!!



You may be able to use one of those fiber optic lights with some shrink tubing around it, Or some fiber optic communications cable. You have to watch out getting shocked from a camera flash though, some of those capacitors are strong enough to kill!

Thanks a lot. But a friend who works for a networking company gave me a bunch of cable that had the smaller cables in it, and I was able to fully repair the flash. It works great now.

Hello, I have exactly same problem like you, except I lost the black wire and I wasn't able to obtain one in my area.
Would you mind to describe more about the cable you used for replacement? I tried regular LAN cable but I couldn't get the flash working with that...

I saw one on eBay but I'm afraid I can't order it as I live in Indonesia and the delivery time could take up to 2 months for such small item --> http://cgi.ebay.com/Nikon-D40-D40X-SB-pop-up-flash-fiber-optic-repair-part-/280673504884

I just need the correct cable for replacement and that's it...
Thanks for sharing!

Hi, I got a fiber optic set of cables from a friend who worked for a cell phone provider. I could send one to you, but you might have the same shipping delay problem. Let me know if you'd like it and can pay me for the shipping. :-)

Hi, thanks for replying. About 3 days ago I went to a small camera-repair shop in my area and asked the technician there if they have a similar black fiber cable for fixing the flash. Then he brought me a broken D70, disassembled it and showed me the black fiber optic cable. I ended up purchasing that small fiber optic cable and the guy only charged me Rp 30.000,- which is equivalent to US $3.5, he only charged that small amount of money because he basically didn't fix my camera, I just asked for certain part and he hasn't even tested the functionality of the optic cable. I went home and attach the fiber optic cable, and... viola the flash works rightaway! :) Thanks for sharing your experience here, I wouldn't know what went wrong with my camera flash if I hadn't come across your page, you saved me US $150 because that's what Nikon Service Center here charged me :)

Glad to hear you fixed your flash!