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Help! Having trouble posting my instructable! Answered

Trying to make my first instructable.  Doing Step by Step.  I think it is done, add pictures, descriptions, etc.  But when I try to publish all I get is "Please add a description before publishing".  The title of my instructables is "making a realistic compound fracture".  What other description should I add?  I am confused, please help!


Problem solved. I had to download Firefox and install it but as soon as I did, no problems and I published my first instructables! Thank you all for your help and encouragement!

hi, same keeps happening to me too!!! and its sooo annoying, can anybody help, im waiting to enter a photo into the halloween contests :-(

Same here, I try and try and get the same response. "Please give your project a description to proceed". That's the first thing any of do; we title our project! I hope this is fixed before the Halloween deadline! I have several entrees I want to place. Help out there in IT land! The only thing I can say is at least I am not suffering alone!

Well your not suffering alone, Same happens with me, but when I try to publish it says 'please add discription' and then saves deleting all my work.
I've already missed one competition that I was going to enter more into and I dont want to miss any more.
P.S. for me this has happened for about 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to enter the Halloween contest for two weeks also! Can't seem to find any info on this problem or anyway to contact Instructables to get help from them! It keeps deleting all my stuff too when I save. Very frustrating!
Come on and help us Instructables!

I have just been in touch with HQ - bug fixes are on the way, some imminently.

Tried again to no avail. saved more but still cannot enter my project. Very frustrating for someone that doesn't like to type! Someone should extend the deadlines that are coming up, especially the Halloween ones. I wait all year long for the Halloween contests!! At this rate I will have to wait for next year to enter!

If I were you, I would send an email to service@instructables.com, describing the problem and including a photo of your project (to prove you've done it), just to establish a date for your entry that is earlier than the deadline.

Hello. Your instructable has awesome photos, and useful titles, but no text explaining what each step is or is supposed to do. When you edit your instructable, you'll see three sections:

Attached Images

You need to have some information in each of these to make a decent instructable, and if you just don't enter anything into all of one on your instructable, you won't be able to publish. Currently, You've added no Edit/Preview text to any step on your instructable. Please update that text, save as you go, and try to republish.

Let me know if you still have issues.

The first two times I made this instructable I added all the steps with and explanation for each step. When I would hit "SAVE NOW" all my text would disappear. This was still happening when I erased the first two original ones and did the two that I have started working on. So Not only am I unable to publish it, but it eats my text when I try to save. I would really like to enter a couple of my makeups in the contest, but it just isnt working for me!

I've been having the same problem for 2 weeks now. I hope it gets fixed in time! I keep getting the error message:

There's been a problem updating your Instructable
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Service Unavailable

I am unable to edit anything because the screen is grayed out and "pending".

Same problem adding my instructable tonight.... argh very frustating!!!

same problem here!!