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Help!! Home Media- 4K, digital auto, remote placement Answered


So I started renovating my living room and it's going much faster than i anticipated. I also upped the scope to move the TV and media items, and to do the professional job of wall jacks for everything so cables are hidden. I'm in a wall and nearly ready to do new drywall, so I need help planning this part I hadn't anticipated!

-Have media center placed in the corner, about 50' (as cable runs) away
-potentially 4 HDMI items
4K ability for xbox, ps (50-60 fps)
digital audio for surround sound that will be wired (I'm an audiophile, so I'd prefer optical to do it the best)
other things I haven't thought of that will help keep the hard wiring relevant for the next 5-10 years

I can:
Run conduit for easier/future cable routing
place wall jacks as needed behind the tv and in the media corner

Like I said I didn't anticipate doing this at the same time, so I don't have a plan and need help. I wish I had time to search and learn the ins and outs, but what I've seen are HDMI splitters, signal degradation, wireless transmitters that only do 1080p, and fiber optic cable that is expensive.

Does anyone have experience with this, or have a referral that I could post this on a different forum?

Thank you in advance!!!