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Help. How to Get oil out of quad? Answered

Me and my brother were trying to drain the oil and we magically screwed up. Now I cant warm it up so that the oil comes out because theres only half oil left in there. What do I do ?



Best Answer 8 years ago

There should be a drain plug on the bottom of the engine/crankcase. It may point to one side or the other. Is the oil super thick? You could warm the engine with a heater or hairdryer, to make the oil more viscous. Also, in worst case, you could siphon the oil out through the filler hole.

I don't quite get this. It's summer - you shouldn't need to warm it up, and it shouldn't need turning over either. How did only half come out, what did you do to get that far? L

Not familiar with quads specifically, but - Could you add oil (preferably fresh) at the fill to operating level, run quad to warm up, drain as you'd meant to do the first time, and congratulate yourself on having done an a "oil system flush"? (And since you'd have put the oil drain plug back in first without my ever bothering to mention it, this sentence is completely unnecessary.)