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Help, I just started to tie die, love it, heres the problem, after washer, colors ran into each other. Answered

I tie died, waited, and rinsed in cold water till clear, then placed into washer alone with hot water and soap, washed and the shirt comes out with colors that have ran into each other the shirt was beautiful till i washed it, what am I doing wrong, please help?????



You can get these sheets (like dryer sheets), but they go in the wash and absorb residual color. I've washed reds with whites before and there were no pinks.


8 years ago

i think you're supposed to soak it in cold water then let it hang dry then wash it in cold water

There are also commercial products designed to set dye...


suggests soaking the shirt beforehand with a urea solution - a couple handfuls of dry urea to 5 gallons of warm water. "as much as will dissolve".

The urea binds to the cotton, and the dye binds to the urea. "the more urea you use the better the dye will stick"

Set the colors by soaking it in vinegar after the Cold water.

Did you by any chance, wash the garment before your dyed it?