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Help! I need a recipe for lamb with dried limes... Answered

Hi folks, the holidays must have cooked my noggin. I could have sworn that there was a recipe on 'ables that involved lamb baked with dried limes. So while in London I procured said limes as this cooking looked so very, very good. Now back at my lair in Wales and can I find the recipe anywhere? Er, no. From memory it was baked low and slow, any help would make my taste-buds sing. Best wishes to everyone for 2009. Bosh.


The closest thing I can find is Sheep's head soup which, in the instructions has you squeeze quite a bit of lime onto it

Yep seen that, but thanks anyway. Can't wait to see some more Goodhart stuff on Instructables, what's on the drawing board?

Well, when my next load of parts come in, I have a portable alarm half made, and some home style test equipment in the works. :-)

Blast, the parts didn't come today either......no work is getting down THIS long weekend grrrr....

Psst, Kiteman.....he was looking for *pauses and looks both ways* an instructable he said he'd seen :-)

"I could have sworn that there was a recipe on 'ables"

Well, since you couldn't find it on ibles, I assumed it didn't exist, so I offered an alternative.

Oh ok, I am not always the best one to do searches as I don't always have the time to pour through entries 1-50 of 498 :-)

I just picked a few and found one with lime (juice) in it.

Hi Kiteman. As a friend I find Google can be pretty fickle at times, I think in this case I need to be able to project the image I have in my mind of the dish which I've seen on the web ( taken in someone's kitchen, which narrows it down ). I think that version of Google is still in Beta :) But cheers for fulfilling my request. I'll let you know if I find the one I was after. I think the limes will keep a little longer in the meantime.

Oh, and i believe there actually is a version Google that involves drawing inside of a box, it then searched for things similar to that in google images.