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Help Identifying Mario Title? Answered

Hey all- here is a question that has just come up. While playing some mario videogames, in a conversation I remembered an old mario title I used to play. I only played it a couple times though, so I dont remember a whole lot. I dont remember the title at all- just a few details. I remember it was 3D, and I *think* it was played on a Nintendo 64. It had a castle on the main entry. It had paintings (which were locked), and I remember something about penguins. I remember a level up in the sky, and of course, rescuing Princess Peach was the main objective. I think it is Super Mario 64, but am not sure. If anyone knows the title or if it is available for a Wii, please let me know. 


The game was Super Mario 64 - I LOVED that game!

There was a ton of levels that you entered in from paintings within the castle. I have no idea if the wii has that game in particular (I guess not), but they do have other mario type games so you'll have to look around online.


LOVED that game when I was a kid. Must have completed it 3 or more times :D

Same here... This has brought back so many memories... I got to get this again. Too much fun. lol. :D

Oh btw, yes it was played on the Nintendo 64.

Also, other paintings were "unlocked" after you achieved missions in the "entry levels" first by finding the "yellow star".

Super fun game. I'd play it for hours (i know...), but I'd play it again over a lot of the newer games. (but then again, I'm not much of a gamer...)


Ok, now i'm just reminiscing a bit, but I found a YouTube video showing the highlights of the game.

Now I want that game again..... :(

Thanks all- I'm 97% sure this is it :)
I might get it for the wii, but Ill have to get a classic controller- but I love that it is available. We have super mario galaxy (1&2), so it will be nice doing the title those were in part based off of.
Actually, the only reason I remembered this was the Whomps Castle level in SMG2, which is in the original SM64! :)
Thanks so much, I have missed this game for years...

You're welcome. It's a great game (and I'm 100% sure that's the title). :D

FYI, you can purchase this game via the Virtual Console: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Virtual_Console_games_%28North_America%29#Nintendo_64