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Help! I'm trying to use a PIR sensor with the arduino UNO to turn a mini-cassette recorder on and off (the play button) Answered

Hello! I soldered wires onto the "Play" switch on the cassette recorder. With the Play button depressed, when I touch the wires the recorder plays the cassette. When the wires are not pressed together it stops playing. I hooked the Sensor into the Arduino board using the same time of set-up to light up an LED light. The sensor works, lighting up the LED. When I exchange the LED for the wires to the cassette player, the cassette just keeps playing, unaffected by the motion sensing. I tried running a 10K 200 & 300 resistor between the cassette wires and it didn't work at all. I'm thinking it may be a coding thing, but not sure. These are the codes I've tried: http://www.ladyada.net/learn/sensors/pir.html (the one at the end) & https://www.instructables.com/answers/Help-with-Arduino-1/

Thank you for your help and suggestions.



6 years ago

How do you have the cassette play button wired to the Arduino?

Keep in mind the pins on the Arduino are either tied to ground or have 5V running through them. So when the player is connected to the Arduino the power from the Arduino is running the player. The Ardunio can only turn on or off power to the pins. It can't treat the pins like an isolated switch.

I'm guess that is your problem having the play button's leads running directly to the Arduino. What you need to do is wire those leads to a relay. So that the Arduino is activating the /relay thus closing the circuit on the player so that the player's power is running the unit not power from the Arduino.