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(Help) Looking for some ideas related to electronics or telecommunication Answered

Hi guys.

I am looking for some great ideas related to telecommunication or electronics or Information Technology     field, that may target segment of markets, customers or solve problems or them all :)

I have brain stormed my mind for about 1 week but still not getting a good idea.

Hope someone could help.



Click on the Technology link at the top of this (or any) I'bles page, then select one of the many subcategories (such as Cell Phones).  You should find more ideas than you know what to do with, and one of them might even inspire you to come up with something yourself.  Good luck!

Well, my teacher asked everyone of us to bring a good ideas whether it is good to make and sell or it solves problems or it is targeted to a specific type of people.

I know this is kind of stupid to be asked but, I still cannot get any new or neat idea.

And hope someone could share ideas.

Thanks Kiteman

Are you looking for ideas for things to make and sell, services to provide, or items to buy and sell on?