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Help Making Wooden Pendant. Answered

I am trying to recreate this wooden pendant. What kind of wood is this? And how do I get the burn effect that is shown /scraped. Thanks guys...


Virtually any light-colored wood would be suitable, I don't think it really matters. The only real problem there would be that too soft a wood, like balsa or American sycamore, might be easily crunched, dented, and scratched. A harder wood (oak!) would be more durable.

The burnt wood is created by the process of woodburning, or pyrography. There are two full Instructables that I know of that describe this process, one from Goodhart and one from Rectifier.

Thank you for the plug Cameron :-) If one doesn't want to buy the iron just for one small project, they could possibly use a soldering iron. Just be careful, as they get a little hotter then a regular pyrography iron.

If you go to your local woodshop, they will most probably be happy to give you loads of small scraps of wood for samples - obviously, you could make them from the samples.