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Help Me Feed My Dragons. Patches For Prizes. Answered

I have three pet dragons. Their names are FRAZZLE, BURN and SPARKEY. One is ORANGE, one is WHITE and one is BROWN. They are fussy about what they eat and I need help finding food which will keep them all happy.

How to play :
Add to the thread by suggesting something they may like and I will tell you which dragons accept it.  From the responses, work out why each dragon likes what it does.  They appear to like a lot of vegetarian food, but I've a suspicion they may be cannabalistic too.  I also need to know the colours of the three dragons, and a list of 20 foods they will all eat.

Grengate has deviously deduced the Dragons' colours. 
Neuropol has cunningly calculated that Burn likes things with an even number of letters.

Iceng has fiendishly found that Frazzle likes things with exactly two vowels in the name.
Twinmum has ably ascertained that Sparkey likes things where the initial letter is alphabetically before the final letter of the word.
Iceng has also provided a veritable plethora of foodstuffs which will please all the dragons.

I now have three very happy and fat dragons.
Winners' patches have been sent. 
Thank you all for playing.


So rereading all the clues and doing some more thinking (not that easy early in the morning) and I think I see a pattern, but need to ask.. did Sparkey really discard that JAR? Apart from the jar, which doesn't fit, maybe Sparkey likes things where the the first letter is alphabetically before the last letter.

Yep, you're right, despite the unintentional misdirection. 
Sparkey should have kept the JAR.

Patch on the way.


7 years ago

So my wife a retired teacher taught me about ( A E I O U sometimes Y )
Frazzle seems to likes things with two vowels in the name but not with more or less then two vowels. Tough for a Czech to work out.


Watch out ICENG, you're potential Frazzle food!
(But you're safe from Sparkey and Burn.)

You will be awarded a patch.

Burn can have all the Salami he likes, if he only eats food with an even number of letters in it's name.

That's the one - Patch for NEUROPOL at the end of the game.
(If Burn doesn't eat you first #;¬)

If I die, so be first.
FRAZZLE is White, BURN is Orange and SPARKEY is Brown.

The dragons look at themselves and each other, and the scales fall from their eyes.  They see that Sparkey is a rich shade of BROWN, Frazzle is purest WHITE and Burn is a very fluorescent ORANGE.

Well done - You will receive a patch at the end of the game.

Yes thanks to AndyGadget, Burn, Frazzle and Sparkey for a fun game.. even if it did make my brain hurt sometimes lol


7 years ago

20 or more of what all dragons will eat

    2 vowels even letter count First letter B4 last  
1   Badger Badger Badger  
2   Bale Bale Bale  
3   Basket Basket Basket  
4   Bear Bear Bear  
5   Bichon Bichon Bichon  
6   Blowfish Blowfish Blowfish  
7   Boar Boar Boar  
8   Bowman Bowman Bowman  
9   Breads Breads Breads  
10   Canary Canary Canary  
11   Celery Celery Celery  
12   Dodo Dodo Dodo  
13   Dragon Dragon Dragon  
14   Fruits Fruits Fruits  
15   Goat Goat Goat  
16   Gourds Gourds Gourds  
17   Grapes Grapes Grapes  
18   Horses Horses Horses  
19   Marlin Marlin Marlin  
20   Monkey Monkey Monkey  
    Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins  
    Chimes Chimes Chimes  
    Dingbats Dingbats Dingbats  

The dragons thank you and tuck in to this cornucopia of gastronomic delights. 
Not a pretty sight !

Thanks for running the Fun Game !! A

Thanks Alex.  It was the Green Door game which gave me the idea.  What other simple rules could you apply to a word? - and they are simple, when you know them.  As always, three is the magic number and I concocted the dragon scenario around that.

After such a long time of having no idea, I do believe it has hit me (but I have been known to be wrong lol) I think Sparkey might like things with a double consonant / consonant blend.

dang, and I even had the twinkids trying to help (they're smarter than me lol) guess I need to work the brain a bit more yet.

mm, I usually love logic puzzles, but for some reason, my brain is not co-operating on this one lol
I know Burn would like these, but would Frazzle and Sparkey enjoy some home cooked brownies. I was going to add extra chocolate but I knew Burn wouldn't agree with that idea

You're right about Burn and CHOCOLATE, and Frazzle doesn't like it either, but Sparkey does.  
Forgetting about the humongous fluorescent orange beast for a moment (if you can), COOKED BROWNIES appeal only to Sparkey, whereas the concept of HOME is only appreciated by Frazzle.

The other two dragons stare accusingly at Sparkey and he guiltily spits out the COOKED BROWNIES because they may have come through the Green Glass Door.  He thought they were RAW BROWNIES, which he likes.
(Sorry about that.)

Only Burn is a fan of SPICY…. you said only even number of letters

Burn realises his mistake and hastily regurgitates anything SPICY he may have eaten.  Sparkey gobbles it up eagerly.
(Dragons have no table manners - Apologies for that.)


7 years ago

Brought a pumpkin, a yam and a tomato for your dragons.

Frazzle tucks in to the PUMPKIN while Burn munches the TOMATO.
All three look at the YAM in disgust. 

Burn would eat the POTATO if it wasn't so REGULAR. 
None of the dragons like REGULAR things.

Funny, most potatoes I have "met" are quite irregular (at least in shape). :-)

The dragons don't like REGULAR things, but they don't like IRREGULAR things either, albeit for a different reason.  Strange beasts, dragons.

does that mean they DO like regulation size things?

Frazzle and Sparkey are not impressed by REGULATION things but Burn is, for the reason Neuropol has deduced.

Yes, I saw that shortly after he posted and thought he was correct also....thus my "leading" question :-) which I went ahead and asked without reading any of the posts...my bad.

Burn likes the DISGUSTING POTATO  and Sparkey does like DISGUSTING things.  Frazzle isn't impressed by anything like that.
(It's the individual words which are important, not combinations of them.) 

(Oh, I see)

OK, I'd like to give the dragons a bucket of rotten...DRAGONS!!

Sparkey and Frazzle would gladly eat them all the DRAGONS, but Burn would be happy with one.  However, they are utterly appalled at the thought of eating anything ROTTEN as it may have come through the Green Glass Door.

To start you off, I gave them a PLATE of CELERY.
They all loved it (and Frazzle ate the plate).

Here's a couple of clues to help with the simplest rule - Burn's.

Burn will eat CARP but he won't touch TROUT.
He dislikes CATFISH but likes MARLIN.
He'd eat BLOWFISH but he hates SWORDFISH.

How about freeze dried strawberries

The dragons are revolted by your suggestion.  The mere suggestion that they may eat something which may have been through the Green Glass Door is anathema to them.  However, Frazzle likes DRIED things.
(See near the bottom of the thread for why they don't like the other things.)

yes the reason i asked that was to confirm with the dried things.

How about salmon and a side of salty crackers

Frazzle and Burn gobble the SALMON with delight.  Sparky doesn't like salmon.  They all love the CRACKERS, although only Sparkey likes SALTY ones.

Just guessing BURN IS Brown, FRAZZLE is Orange and SPARKE is White.

You have angered the Dragons with your rash comment.
They snort and bellow but let you live as it is early in the day.
(You'll need a lot more information before you make guess.)

When color blind Frazzle returned through my green glass door did he understand the concept of body colors enough to give hint responses ?

What was his reaction to the troubadour singing White Christmas lyrics ?
While winsome wenches served him savory Field garlic on a clay table.

Burn has just eaten the TROUBADOUR - What sort of Christmas was that? - Sparkey loves CHRISTMAS.

Frazzle likes WENCHES, but none of the dragons care for anything WINSOME.
SAVORY things appeal to them all, and Frazzle avidly consumes the
Burn likes GARLIC too, but neither Burn nor Sparkey like FIELD varieties.

Sparkey and Burn like CLAY things, but only Frazzle likes a TABLE.

(Frazzle was in fancy dress when he went through the Green Glass Door.  He went as an aardvark.)    

A nearby kitchen has prepared pea soup, Okra on clay plates, Spinach dried on a blanket, and clay wind chimes for pleasant ambiance for your next dragon meal.

Burn and Frazzle would both eat SOUP,  but only Frazzle likes PEA SOUP.

Frazzle likes SPINACH, especially when it's DRIED. Burn is not keen on the BLANKET, but the others don't mind.

They all like the CHIMES, but only Burn fully appreciates the CLAY and WIND aspect of them.  Sparkey does like them being CLAY.

Sparkey and Burn really love the PLEASANT AMBIANCE, but it does nothing for Frazzle.

. . . and Frazzle and Burn eat the OKRA, but Sparkey's not keen.

well, I'm at a total loss. The one idea I thought I had for one dragon turned out to be wrong and I have no idea what direction to go, so I'll just suggest random things and see what happens.
My latest offering is spicy onion soup with fresh sourdough bread with a side dish of pasta with marinara sauce

Only Burn is a fan of SPICY things and they all hate ONION (onion flame breath - yeuch!), but SOUP is something Burn and Frazzle both like.

Frazzle and Sparkey are BREAD fans, but no dragon likes the SOURDOUGH variety.  Frazzle eats up the PASTA, but only after BURN has licked off all the MARINARA sauce.  (Burn doesn't like the pasta itself.)