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Help Me!!! Answered

Hi. I was hoping somebody here could tell me how to make a very, very, VERY Powerful TAZER. I live around a ton of crazy people!!! If you know how, PLZ Tell me.


A normal tazer (that is how it's spelled) uses barbs to penetrate clothing and guarantee a good shock every time. The company has not yet had someone shrug off a tazer hit. Nonleathal = High voltage, low amperage. Try a 2 9 volts and a capacitor and see what it does. as for propulsion, I have no idea.

Why would you want a "VERY Powerful" taser? A taser is a 'non-leathal' weapon. Cranking up the power enough would only turn it into a lethal weapon. How about some sort of 'rapid-repeting' taser?


11 years ago

It's taser, not tazer.