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I've almost finished my M4 SOPMOD. One problem. I need help making a SOPMOD kit. If you want to help, you can be a collaborator in the 'ible.  Also, for my next project, I would like to make an XM29 OICW.

I've included a picture for those of you who don't know what that is. I'd like it to be a collaborative project. Hopefully, The top portion would be a repeating mag fed sling (Pseudo-Semi auto?), and the bottom part would be a mag fed repeater (semi auto?). they would be modular, and be able to fire separately. Also, it would be cool if when connected, they both fired with the same trigger. 

If pulled off right, this project could be very innovate, and advance knex considerably. That is, if good range could be achieved. Also, it would be an awesome replica. I'm not sure which part I'll do, but it'd be great if some people wanted to be part of it, and if these people had some good ideas for mechs. 


I could help, what do you want making.

not really but I could help with some of the SOPMOD kit.

Huh, well KGB will already be on that. Are you any good at true-bolt action mechs?

I only see 2 major things to change: the stock is too big, and the front rails or heat guard is too small.

What dimensions? I modeled the RIS straight off a VFC URX RIS, and the stock is an LE stock at the 5th position.

Okay well from the pictures, it looks too large compared to the airsoft.

The stock? The RIS is a replica of the one on the top M4, and the stock on the middle M4 is at the 3rd position.

I was thinking instead of a replica, combining the BSW with a pump and then either a bullpup repeating sling into one weapon would make for quite a war weapon.

For the sake of a replica, though, this would be kind of cool. I can't really do anything for it or offer advice. Good luck with it.

Thanks, I don't do k'nex wars, so I probably won't make it into a war weapon. Do you have any advice for the mechs?

Well you've probably already seen the mechanism, but for a repeating sling, make a part that sits over the magazine to block it until you push the sling band against it to allow a round to load. If you want, put the ratchet in front of the magazine so you drag the round out of the magazine. That makes it much simpler and more reliable. Was there any other specific thing you wanted some suggestions on?

Thanks for the ideas on the sling mech. For the bottom gun, do you think a semi-auto hammer mech (or hammer mech) would be very powerful/practical? How much range did your UMP's charging handle mech get?

I don't think a hammer mech will fit very well in the bottom weapon. My pin concept does better if you use a yellow and have it stick out of both sides. I'd consider bolt action though. It's useful for replicas because the magazines are usually too close to the firing mechanisms.

Ok, thanks. it'll either be bolt or charging handle.


7 years ago

Epic! post the m4 and ill make it, ill help you out on the sopmod aswell =D

Thanks! I'll link you to an unpublished ible when I get one up.


7 years ago