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Help: Opening/Cleaning a portable air conditioner Answered

I don't think this is the right place for it but I'm desperate. I have a portable air conditioner (Whynter Arc-14s) and need to vacuum and remove mildew from the inside, especially the fan blades. Now, I did contact Whynter support (e-mail) and they were able to help me remove the screws with a PDF guide. This allowed me to remove the front. Unfortunately, the back case won't come off, even though I took out all screws I was directed to. They couldn't assist me anymore after that. Now I'm stuck, summer is ending and I never got to use it this year.

So has anyone opened up a Whynter Arc-14s portable a/c?


So at 4:50pm I FINALLY DID IT!!!!! YAY!! I decided to go the "F it and Force it route". It was such a struggle, I had to take breaks to cool off. On my third try, that's when it happened. A magical *POP* and the back slumped off. I was shocked and surprised and so freaking ecstatic. My goodness, it was such a struggle. The mid section is where most of my remaining effort was put into. It seems that because of all the heat and humidity, that a suction or expansion was created and was what made it so difficult. I will be continuing tomorrow. Hopefully, when I'm done cleaning, I can put it back together without a struggle. Wish me luck. ?

Thanks for all the suggestions. Forcing it was the answer. ?

Here in AU we always say:
If you can't fix it use a bigger hammer, so it seems you found the right way LOL

this might be a matter of "nothin to lose". :. Force it.

First, the PDF Whynter support gave me. It supposedly shows where all the screws for the front and back cover are located.

Next, are pics of those same screws I took out. Then 2 pics of the inner top and bottom of the front section of the portable. The back won't come off. Although, it could be stuck but I haven't tried to force it because I'm afraid I'll break something.





I'm on a tablet and tried using the site uploader but it would not finish uploading (I waited 3hrs). Then, I tried imgur, lord was that a struggle. ?

Anyway, if you need more, I'll add them.

To me it looks like there is a chance the entire plastic cover lifts up.
Once the display is out.
I would check if you can lift single panels or the entire cover off the ground plate.

Pictures, including close-ups, would be a big help.

I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks to all for the replies.

If the internals are attached to the back cover, you will need to look at the inside to see the mounting screws or clip on tabs.