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Help: Random Computer Shutdowns Answered

I've got a problem, and I'm hoping you all might be able to help.

My laptop has shut down on it's own three times. Each time it shuts down, it's as if the battery was removed--instantly off. I've also been watching video each time. Twice on hulu, once was vimeo.

The first two times were one day after another, and the third just now, was a week later.

So if anybody has any ideas on what might be wrong, I'd really appreciate it. The laptop should still be under warranty but I'd love to not leave it with best buy for four weeks.



Are you aware of the CPU/GPU temperature?
If so, Is it over heating?


When the computer goes off, do you hear a click sound comming from the speakers?
If so, this could be bad or broken hardware(physical, i speak from experience, this happened to a laptop of mine)

It's been running pretty consistently at 83 degrees c, 181 degrees f.

My CPU is an Intel Core 2 Duo T5450

Well the maximum operating temperature for your processor appears to be 100 Celsius, And you appear to be very close to that.
That's pretty hot, Mine only peaks at 150 degrees f, It could be that it is overheating. Thermal shutdown, It prevents it from burning itself up.

Have you even messed with the heatsink or fan? Does it have dust? Can you check that?
Also, What brand is it? And what is your model #?

It's an HP Inspiron 1420. I haven't tried to clean out any dust yet because we don't have any canned air, but that's on the shopping list. I don't know where the heat sink is, but I won't be opening the case or otherwise voiding the warranty. 

Screw the warranty *whistle*, "If you can't open it,  You don't own it."
Anyways, I am almost certain it is dust, And you don't need canned air, Just clean it out with a brush or your hands or simply blow it out.

When you can fix it yourself for free while keeping your computer.(aka no waiting a week for them to fix a simple problem)

I was just about to post an answer, when I saw that ReCreate had covered the two ideas I had.  :-) 

I think you should probably let bestbuy fix it if they will. It sounds like it is overheating

Thanks for the help, guys. I guess the general consensus is heat. I'll download Everest and keep an eye on my temperature and then report back.

Overheat. Give it a clean, improve airflow around it?


If it keeps turning off and on than it might be a faulty board. Otherwise i agree with NachoMahma

.  First Guess: Overheating. Since it's happening under a fairly heavy load (watching video), this is probably it. As Lithium Rain points out, it could be the GPU overheating. Clean vents and fans with compressed air (don't spin the fan(s) too fast or you can wipe out the bearing(s)). If that doesn't work, use your warranty.
.  Second Guess: loose/corroded connection. Take it back for repair under warranty. If you don't mind voiding the warranty, open it up, unplug all cables and plug them back in.

Get a chill pad. That happened to me, what happened was the motherboard overheated and fried, IIRC, the stupid nvidia graphics card.