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Help Redirecting XP File From LPT1 To New USB Printer? Answered

Really need to find a way to send a file that used to work
on an  XP  Line printer using this command   COPY H.PRN LPT1: /B

When that printer died I bought an  HP OFFICEJET 6500/A Plus
which works on USB with all other XP software
I've tried many variations :

The system cannot find the drive specified.


C:\CAD>REM same result 0 to 9 USB\

Press any key to continue . . . _

A working solution, be it Hardware or Software, will be Greatly appreciated.


The way I've done this is to set the printer up as a shared printer and then capture the LPT port to that.  I've had to do this for a couple of old DOS programs still being used at work.  So . . .

Set up the printer as shared in the print dialogue box (e.g. 'myprinter'.)
From a DOS box, capture the LPT port : NET USE LPT1: \\computername\myprinter /PERSISTENT:YES

You can then COPY the file to the LPT1: port and it will print on the printer.
(If LPT1 is also a hardware port you may need ot disable it in the BIOS or use LPT2: instead.


5 years ago

Thank you both very much for the help with my problem.

Andy's coding really helped me copy a DOS generated file to my HP.
I would have never ever come up with that sequence on my own :-(
Not in this Universe anyway.

The difference between old DOS HP commands, and my large memory
one year old HP 6500 printer are  somehow limiting my print file  to no more
then 80K with or without the windows print spooler option.

I'm looking into added printer definitions in old places and
may try a hardware solution.



COPY /B [filename.prn] \\[Computer Name]\[Shared Printer Name]

Working on a great many variations but no luck as yet.

COPY /B H.PRN \\BULL\HP_Officejet_6500_E710n-z
COPY /B H.PRN \\USB001\HP_Officejet_6500_E710n-z
COPY H.PRN \HP_Officejet_6500_E710n-z
above ... Syntax is correct.  but says  Network not found.

COPY /B H.PRN \HP_Officejet_6500_E710n-z
This one actually says  1 file(s) copied.   But alas no print