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Help Tinning PC-Board Answered

So I am making an LED circuit on a normal PC-Board. There is no special circuit printed on it, except the holes and such. So I stuck all the LEDs in and I want to make the circuit. However, I can't seem to connect the solder with eachother, because it only goes into the holes. I can't seem to get it to make a straight line, filling in all of the holes. I am getting quite frustrated. Any suggestions? Should I use wires to connect the multiple LEDs together? -Nick


or if you have a local radioshack or can buy stuff online search or ask for conductive pen basically it lays down liquid metal to connect things without wires but i dont know how good it is


11 years ago

You can't really make "a line" with solder; you have to put down a piece of wire. Solder just holds things together and makes the connection more electrically sound. You can use extra pieces of wire, or sometimes use the leads of the components.