Help Wiring my AMP for Homemade Speakers?! Answered


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Hi guys, please take a look at the image below and try to answer these questions for me please, it will be greatly appreciated and you will be mentioned in the credits of my final instructable when its made.

1. How many Watts Per Channel is it?
2. What does it mean by A+B? ie. Does it mean connecting 4 speakers?
3. Could I wire a Subwoofer crossing over the Right + to Left - Terminals?

Finally, I'm going to have a 10" Sub with two tweeters wired up. Should I wire each tweeter to Left and right? Im also going to wire in an L-Pad for the Sub.

Thanks a lot guys!


A quick manual lookup (link here) shows the specs of your receiver to be 75 watts per channel (that link should help with any other hookup questions).

Do you need an L-Pad for your Sub if the output is only 75W? Depends on the Sub.

Don't think that the total power consumption of the amp equals the output wattage...only a modern Class D amp might approach that efficiency...

You have speaker set A and speaker set B. I would guess if your using just set A or set B you will have 195W per channel. If you use both A and B then you will have about 97.5W per channel. Having the sets labeled A and B suggest there is a setting on the amp that you can select the audio to go to set A, set B, or Both. So A+B indicates having 4 speakers connected at once. If you wanted to wire a sup you could wire the crossover to both the left and right channels of either the A or the B set. Thus giving you a full 195W available to the sub.

Don't go doubling up speakers on a single channel. That system is only designed to handle 4 speakers in total.